At the crossroads of trade and transport, Vaaman Engineers play a pivotal role in the Port sector. Our expertise ensures smooth operations, optimising cargo handling, and facilitating seamless maritime trade.

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Cargo Receipts by Rake/Rail:


  • Starts from Placing of each Rake at Track-Hopper {including deployment of points men at both Pre and Post Track Hopper Lines) till releasing/connecting each rake back to BOT Upline.
  • To coordinate with PPT, ECO Railways staff/authorities, MCHP & IOET BOT Operator for timely placement/release of Locos/Rakes, to guide the Loco Pilots, to ensure complete track clearance till Loco/Rake safely enters/exits the areas.
  • To remove cargo contaminants such as Stones/Boulders, Metal Scraps etc from each Rake and ensure reasonably contaminant free cargo is conveyed & stacked, in case size of cargo is larger than the grizzly Size, then it must be broken into small pieces manually or engaging any other equipment. So that all the cargo is-conveyed inside the hopper and ultimately to the belt.

Stock Yard Operations:


  • To Stack and Reclaim Cargo from any part of Stockyard, including non reachable area of Stacker & Reclaimer by deploying adequate equipment such as Pay-loaders, Excavators Etc.
  • To plan and advice day-to-day Stackyard planning on the basis number of Customers/Grades space availability.
  • Plot Management – adjusting cargo piles to accommodate other cargo or to create space or for optimum utilization of plots.
  • Ensure to stack the cargo in the designated plot with its optimum storage capacity, Accumulation and high heaping of Cargo post each vessel loading.
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Vessel Operation:


  • To liaise with Vessel Master & Crew, Shipping Agents, Cargo Surveyors, Shippers etc for Stowage Plan, Loading Sequence, trimming requirements etc and ensure timely completion of loading meeting set performance criteria.
  • Cargo must be loaded and trimmed as per IMSBC (Intermediate Survey between cargo) guidelines. Distribution and Trimming of Cargo to the satisfaction of Vessel Master.
  • Preparation of all vessels related documents including Statement of facts (SOF) & submission to the PEQCTPI after proper sign off from vessel master. Providing daily reports and equipment/manpower working report to the PEQCTPL in timely manner.