Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance

24X7 O&M activities cover all the aspects of maintenance necessary for seamless operations of plants in a safe and most economical manner. We undertake complete operations & maintenance activities of manufacturing facilities for major clients. Our maintenance services include regular, preventive & shut down maintenance and Condition-based monitoring (CBM). Additionally, we undertake minor modifications, repairs and refurbishment of equipment and components.

Scope of Activities

Our O & M Services cater to a total capacity of 150,000 MT/Annum for Aluminium Sector, 100,000 MT/Annum for Zinc Sector, 120,000 MT/Annum for Lead & 600 MT/Annum of Silver.We also carry out 1,200,000 MT/Annum for Alumina and 6,000,000 MT/Annum of Coal. 

The core expertise gained in O & M over the years has resulted into getting O & M of Port Material handling facilities for Coal & Alumina. This has given us huge benefit in bulk material handling domain. The activities involved are ship discharge, Storage in Silos, Stackyards, loading into multimodal transport including Rail, maintenance and upkeep of entire facility.

Our activities include maintenance in the field of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation with expertise in Melting & Holding Furnaces, Wire Rod Rolling Mills, Ingot casting lines, Gear Boxes, Pumps, Motors, Compressors, Valves, Cooling Towers, WTP & ETP, Pipelines, HT & LT Panel, Generator, etc.

Loading, unloading, stacking and handling of bulk material viz. Iron & Zinc Ore, Coal, Alumina, CP Coke, Zinc Concentrate.

Loading & Unloading of finished goods viz. Pig Iron, Zinc Ingots, Lead Ingots, Aluminium Ingots, Aluminium Wire Rod Coils, Dross and Scrap.

Providing material handling equipment such as JCB, Excavators, Dozers, Wheel Loaders, Dump Trucks, Bob Cats, Fork Lift Trucks, Trucks etc.

Special Projects

  • Erection & commissioning of plant & machinery for Aluminium Cast House
  • Fabrication and erection of structural pipe racks and piping work
  • Dismantling of furnaces and roasters
  • Repair and commission of furnaces
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Operation & Maintenance of  -

  • Start up and commissioning of Aluminium Cast House Machines.
  • Aluminium Cast House consisting of Wire Rod Mills, Ingot Casting Lines, Billet Casting Lines, Slab Casting Lines.
  • Potline services including Pot relining & ladle cleaning and repairs.
  • Carbon Anode plant, Rodding Shop & Bake Oven.
  • Alumina Handling facility with 1.2 MMT per annum capacity consisting of Ship unloading, Conveyors, Storage Silos, Wagon Loading, Bulker Loading, Bagging, Railway Track Maintenance.
  • Aluminium Dross processing, bagging and Storage.

Operation & Maintenance of -

  • Crushers, Pulverisers, Conveyors in Open Cast & Underground Mines, Zinc & Lead Ingots Casting lines.
  • Complete Zinc & Lead Smelter including Roaster, Cell House & DM Plant, Acid Plant, Leaching plant, Moore Cake plant & utilities.
  • Slag & Dross processing.
  • Bulk Material Handling Services.
  • Providing Material Handling Services & Equipment.
  • Township Maintenance.
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Operation & Maintenance of -

  • Pig Iron plant.
  • Coke Plant.
  • Maintenance of Steel plant in following areas.
  • Blast Furnace, Coke Oven Battery, Raw Material Handling System, Sinter, Coal & Coke.
  • O & M of De dusting system across Steel Plant.
  • Bulk material handling of Ore, intermediate material & Finished Goods.

Operation & Maintenance of -

  • Gas Scrubber, Bag House & Lime Handling System.
  • RBD & Wire drawing machines.
  • Tubular & Rigid Stranding machines.
  • Wire Rod Mills.
  • PVC and PE Extrusion lines.
  • Repair and Rewinding lines.
  • Fibre Optic Cables machinery.
  • Melting & Holding Furnaces.
  • Hydrogen Gas Generation Plant.
  • Electric and Telecom Towers & poles, High Mast Street Light Pole Manufacturing Plant.
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